Destination Proposals

It's more affordable than you think! At Signature Belize, we believe in memories, making memories and most of all... we love L-O-V-E.

With 12+ years in the wedding industry, we know Belize, our clients and how to create something memorable.

Nothing could be more romantic than a magical proposal vacation in Belize - we're convinced! And, we're here to prove why with a few bonus tips on how to plan the perfect destination proposal, as well as some unique ideas just for you.

Just imagine, you and the love of your life, lying on a white sandy beach looking out onto the clear blue sea with a couple of cocktails beside you. Yes, this fantasy could become your reality with just a few clicks and a bit of planning! Flying over to the Caribbean is a lot easier than it may seem, and also cost effective depending on the time of year. It's all up to you... so let's make it happen.

Here are some ideas on how Signature Belize can help you with that perfect Belize proposal:

She said yes!!! Private Sunset Sandbar Proposal

What is more romantic than a private sandbar overlooking the Caribbean Sea? Picture you and your loved one gazing at the sunset with turquoise water surrounding you.

Airport I-Do Proposal

Why not start your vacation with a special "I-Do" right upon your arrival! Let us help you coordinate that special moment as soon as you arrive.

Maya Ruin Magic Proposal

Up for adventure? Pop the question with an organized proposal at the top of a Maya Ruin. Imagine a 360° view of the jungle below, a champagne toast and the perfect set-up to make it memorable.

Blue Hole Sky Tour Proposal

Looking for something off the beaten track? Jump on a flight and view the Blue Hole from above... top off the adventure with a private proposal while circling this natural wonder.

Belize Proposal Pointers

  • Ring Care! Make sure your ring is carefully packed, and in your carry-on bag. This might sound obvious, but it is a must. We recommend not putting your ring in a pocket, as that might create some embarrassing moments at airport security.
  • If they know about the trip already, then this will give you an opportunity to plan with Signature Belize with ease . Have us help you arrange for a nice luxurious dinner, or other special moments to make this trip more memorable. If your S.O. is a flower lover, let us throw in a little rose petal love on your bed in the shape of a heart, and maybe even a bottle of bubbly for that little extra touch. This will open up the setting possibilities and get them even more anxious for what’s to come.
  • Since the Caribbean is already the PERFECT destination for your proposal, being unique is key. Soak up the sun on a luxurious day cruise, go snorkeling with the sharks, or take them on a sightseeing in Belize City. There are hundreds of options at your disposal, to create even greater memories for you and your S.O., so let us help you be as creative as possible and remember to choose an activity or location that you know that THEY will love.
  • Get a photographer! Our packages include a variety of photography options, let us help you capture that moment!
  • Clear their work schedule. Getting in touch with their boss (if they have an 8-5 job) is very essential to your master plan. But whatever you do, try to inform only one or two people, to prevent word of mouth on your proposal plans. Let their boss know at least two to three months in advance of where you would like to go, and for how long and then plan accordingly. If you must, then confide in one other person (your middle man) in cases where getting through to management may be a bit challenging.
  • Pack their bags and head off! Now this one is also quite tricky, since packing for you could sometimes be a serious chore. But, this is a MUST if your S.O. isn’t in on your travel plans. Contact a close friend or relative, and get to work on their suitcases. Pack the essentials, the daily wears, and of course, the formal outfit that they may need on that very special night (options encouraged).