Leigh and Jeff: Casual Private Island Nuptials

San Pedro, Belize

When Leigh + Jeff began to plan their Belizean wedding, we knew they wanted a bohemian wedding that felt casual, fun, and beach inspired. They wanted a great, relaxing time for friends and family, and most important.. something private. Leigh had most of the ideas before she came to us, and wanted our team to execute the details.

The weather was not on our side the day of the wedding, but the couple was relaxed and knew we had everything under control. We set-up a unique arch, using two trees on the beachside, and waiting until we had clear weather for the ceremony. They exchanged intimate vows, surrounded by friends and family.

Instead of setting up the reception outside as planned, we opted for the safety of their private island home, and created an intimate with romantic lighting, and custom details. Mason jar arrangements lined the lace and blush set tables, and a Belizean buffet was prepared by Chef Kuylen.

The night concluded with favorite songs, local cocktails, and lots of great memories. Although you can’t control the weather, the couple made the best of the situation and was still able to enjoy a beachside wedding, with a sea-view reception.