Chic Jungle-Inspired Wedding Ceremony – Tara & James

Just when we thought we couldn’t fall more in love with glamorous weddings nestled between Caribbean palms and blooming wildflowers, Tara and James designed a wedding that absolutely took our breath away. Fresh, bold, and elegant, every last detail was infused with personal touches and striking design. From rich earth tones to glitz and glam, you can relive all of the wonderful details with us to instantly brighten your day.

Tara was bringing otherworldly beauty in her sheath deep-v wedding dress and floral veil streaming from head to toe, accented with earrings made of gold and pearl. James wore a soft and airy all-white ensemble, and both couples had scarves densely woven with orchid leaves and vanilla-white blooms draped over their shoulders. The rest of the wedding crew, including a dapper furry groomsman and finely dressed toddler, were giving us all of the tropical vibes in jungle printed tees and forest green gowns.

The couple envisioned a jungle-inspired colour scheme with bold greens and soft whites, and our creative team of designers orchestrated every last detail beautifully. The altar gave us that heart-stopping moment, with its hexagon shape and vast array of wild leaves growing from the centre points. From orchids, cherry pink lilies, split leaves. and monstera leaves, the lush bouquets fanned out from the altar and over the horizon, while a stunning red and gold Persian rug was laid out beneath it. The aisle was lined with huge silver lanterns overflowing with crown husks and palm leaves.

The colourful celebration was brimming with joy and magic, from heartfelt vows, warm hugs, champagne flutes and breathtaking decor. Guests enjoyed gourmet local horderves and refreshing tropical drinks, including fresh shrimp ceviche served in baked tortilla chips, coconut water, and specialised ‘tie-the-knot’ & ‘mint-to-be’ cocktails. The tables were adorned with trailing natural greenery with each person’s name printed on an orchid leaf in golden calligraphy, and an entire altar dedicated a flawless wedding cake was graced with an overflow of wild orchids. After a Mayan inspired cuisine prepared over a wooden fire and heart-bursting speeches, the wedding party danced the night away between popping palms and warm candles. Just as things couldn’t get more romantic, Tara and James framed a map of the constellations on the day of their proposal; a moment frozen in time. Cheers to the beautiful newlyweds!