Heavenly Elopement on Caye Caulker (Nancy and David)

Oh, heaven is a place on earth! Nancy and David’s ethereal wedding day breathed life into this expression. The luminous duo tied the knot on shimmering sands that stretch out from the shoreline to the middle of the Caribbean Sea. That’s right – the middle of the sea! Imagine exchanging vows with your loved one while waves that shine with a dozen shades of blue dance around you. Caye Caulker is blessed with delicate white sands that hug the shoreline, making a perfect spot for a wedding day flooded with natural coastline beauty. From crisp blue skies to minimal, chic decor, every moment, captured by the talented Monica Gallardo, was simply breathtaking.

We just love a midsummer wedding, when the air is sweet and on fire. Can you feel the heat? We sure do! Nancy radiated elegance in her simple white gown, while David was glowing in his linen shirt and steel grey shorts. Exotic florals used as a hair-piece and chest-piece accented their looks. The cloud-coloured couple mirrored the sands they walked on. From rose and ivory blooms to smooth, elegantly-frosted cake, the light and airy colour palette created a refreshing aesthetic that complimented the flawless work of mother nature. After champagne toasting and cake cutting, Nancy and David blissfully treaded through the ocean, enjoying their first moments of a happily ever after.