Adrianne and Brendon: Love in Corozal

Cerros Ruins

We love doing Maya Ruin ceremonies, but rarely does a couple choose the Cerros Ruins in Northern Belize. Although the ruins are small, the view of the sea behind the temple makes them extremely unique. When Adrianne told us she wanted to do a Maya Ruin ceremony, but still wanted to incorporate the water, we knew that Cerros would be perfect!

Nestled in Northern Belize, the ruins are about 1 hour by car from Corozal Town. After getting ready with the neighborhood ‘Coatimundi’, the group departed on their adventure to the ruins. After miles of dirt road and crossing the river with a hand cranked ferry, they finally made it to the quiet spot. The advantage of this type of ruin is that you usually have the place to yourself! Adrianne opted for a traditional Maya ceremony and the group participated in ancient wedding blessings atop the structure. After offerings were made and rings were exchanged, the group headed back to the Almond Tree Hotel for their reception.

Almond Tree Hotel cooked up a local favorite called ‘Pibil’, which is traditionally cooked by coating a whole pig in local spicy seasonings and cooking it underground overnight, then serving it as tacos on corn tortillas…. yum! And of course there were lots of local drinks to wash it all down! Belize has so many unique and off-the-beaten track options that can appeal to almost any adventurous bride. Congrats to Adrianne and Brendon, thank you for letting us be part of your adventure!