Stunning Rainforest Elopement

Prepare to be swept away by a dreamy elopement featuring ancient beauty, chic decor, and romantic dreamscapes. Belize’s historical Mayan Ruins always create an atmosphere of mystery and enchantment, a perfect place for a blooming tropical love story. From bold color palettes to dramatic views, Alex and Sonia’s wedding was brimming with otherworldly perfection. You’re going to love the couple’s unique, modern style paired with timeless architecture and lush greenery, beautifully captured by Monica Gallardo.

Sonia was an absolute showstopper in her mermaid lace gown. She rocked a wispy veil that cascaded down her platinum blonde hair, highlighted with a dramatic red lip. Her bouquet was bursting with scarlet red and charcoal roses, shimmering with a metallic finish. The contrast between classic white and deep, gothic-style hues was simply divine. Alex looked effortlessly beautiful in a royal blue tux and jet black bow tie.

The ancient ruins transformed into a whimsical modern fairytale, as the mist rolled through the jungle and over the ancient stones. Alex and Sonia said their I Do’s in perfect harmony with the infinite beauty surrounding them. We couldn’t help but swoon over the intimate evening that followed, equipped with burlesque-inspired outfit changes, wow-worthy cake designs, and florals bursting with peaches, corals, and pinks. Cheers to the magnificent newlyweds!