Tracy and Mike: Sunshine Sandbar Wedding

Ambergris Caye, Belize

This wedding was one of our favorite love stories! Tracy and Mike went to elementary school together and somehow ended up meeting each other again years later……and the rest is history. Their love story is so unique and deserves to be shared.

We met Tracy and Mike at a beautiful little casita where they were staying (Victoria House). Mike was on the porch and Tracy was inside getting ready for their wedding. We could feel Mike’s anticipation in the air, but the dark horizon was full of rain clouds. We tried to assure the couple that it would just be a quick shower, and rain is actually a symbol of good luck! The couple put their best foot forward, and we proceed as planned.

As we walked up the dock to board their small private boat, the storm clouds almost seemed to pass right over… without a drop of rain! We headed out, with the sun starting to peek through. Their ceremony was on a private island tucked behind Ambergris Caye, the perfect spot for a destination elopement. The white sand and turquoise water gave a romantic setting for their emotional vows. They had feared their ceremony would be ruined by rain but that afternoon ceremony was nothing short of beautiful! Because of the looming clouds, lighting was perfect and the photographer was excited for the great setting.

Amour fatale still exists!