Ancient Mayan Ceremony in a Modern Resort Setting

Chabil Mar, Placencia

Fundamental to the medicine of the Maya is the concept of “Life force” or “ch’ulel” and is the first of the Six Principles of Maya Medicine. This Life Energy is everywhere; mountains, rivers, buildings, plants, people – and is said to be from a divine, spiritual source. Ch’ulel binds everyone and everything together. It is a main goal for the Maya healer to balance the flow of our life energy in the body. With this ancient and beautiful practice in mind, Amy and Jonathan chose to have an authentic Maya wedding ceremony guided by a Shaman. Set on the beach of Chabil Mar Villas over 100 family and friends gathered to share in their joy.

Amy’s vision included a bold but simple and elegant color pallet. Her bridesmaids glowed in their subtly different hues of soft pinks and mauves. Her handmaid dress was perfectly suited to her style. The statement flower tying it all together is the stunningly large King Proteas. The flower is approximately 12 inches in diameter and features soft, fuzzy, ombre petals with a large white center. Complimenting the King flower were large Monstera leaves creating a lush green backdrop for her table decor and bouquet.

Other details from this wedding in Belize included Garifuna Drummers, a custom built triangle arch set over the ocean, and an unplugged ceremony. What is an “unplugged ceremony”? Simply, you are asking your guests to turn off and put away their cameras and phones during your ceremony. Out of utmost respect for the native Mayan traditions this is a common request when a Shaman performs the marriage ceremony. This practice also centers your guests and allows them to truly experience these precious few moments with you instead of taking photos and videos.

Chef Sean Kuylen rounded out the night by presenting a custom buffet catering to the groups diverse dietary needs. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan…. Sean covers it all with fresh ingredients all from the land of Belize.