Colourful Beachside Romance: Amanda and Justin

San Pedro, Belize

This zestful, charming wedding ceremony had us falling in love with San Pedro all over again. Amanda and Justin decided to make it official on the soft shores of the Caribbean Sea, combining laid-back beach vibes with timeless elegance. The Caribbean Villas Hotel is an ideal location if your looking for a dynamic wedding experience, with luxurious suites, private sandy beaches, lush gardens, and a 10 minute seaside walk to the vibrant, bustling town of San Pedro.

Amanda’s gorgeous dress, sparkling floral headband and classic diamond earrings had everyone turning heads, especially her lucky husband-to-be. After her glamorous bridal transformation she surprised Justin at the end of a pier with two belikin beers wrapped in ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ coasters. Justin was simply glowing, with ocean blue eyes and a radiant smile. We just loved the bright couple’s down to earth and playful personalities that were beautifully reflected in every last detail, from sandy handprints, barefoot aisle walks, to beach-inspired decor. Guests had the opportunity to sign a map of the stars on a table with flutes of Mionetto Prosecco, vibrant starfish, vintage fishing nets, and a ruffled cake that had Mr. and Mrs. ‘fitness’ perched on top. The altar tastefully complimented the watercolour textures of ocean and sky behind it, with a simple bamboo frame cloaked in sheer linens and a bursting bouquet of reds, pinks, whites and greens in the centre. Amanda and Justin’s heartfelt vows had everyone tearing up, with a tangible love between everyone at the ceremony.

When you marry the love of your life, you want the world to know! After the ceremony, Amanda and Justin cruised around town on a golf cart with “Just Married” draped across the back. San Pedro’s bubbling town provides an endless amount of quirky photo opps, from playground swings, to Mayan monuments, to local shops with colourful handmade artwork, and, of course, a cheeky arm wrestle at the end of the pier. Above all, one of the island’s best characteristics involves moments beneath palm trees while the sun sinks into the Great Barrier Reef. As the stars slowly began to fill the night sky, Amanda and Justin spent the rest of the day enjoying quality time with friends and family. Cheers to the lovely newlyweds!