Elegant Cruise Ship Wedding (Amber and Damon)

Amber and Damon’s intimate soirée will fulfill all of your island wedding fantasies. The couple said ‘I do’ on a gorgeous private island just for two. What more could you ask for in life? Get inspired by all of the breathtaking details captured by our talented Monica Gallardo. 

You may have already noticed that we are slightly head over heels for all of the delicious wedding details. Amber and Damon’s wedding ceremony was no exception! From ethereal ensembles to earthy altars and tropical blooms, the decor seamlessly reflected the earthly elements while staying chic the entire way through. Even the vanilla-cherry cake was elegantly adorned with a misty-grey seashell and bouquet of blooms plucked from the Belizean rainforest. 

With their feet in the soft ocean sand, the stunning duo exchanged vows. The late afternoon was brushed with champagne flutes and romantic strolls with the crystal blue ocean surrounding. Amber and Damon finished the day cruising the glistening Caribbean sea, happily ever after. Cheers to Amber and Damon!