Enchanted Beach Romance – Joëlle & Steffen

A crimson red wedding dress, a seaside chandelier, a coral-encrusted cake fit for an oceanic goddess: these are just a few wonders that made Joëlle and Steffen’s wedding so unique. We love it when a couple chooses to step outside of the traditional wedding box and add their own twist, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than making that dream a reality. Joëlle and Steffen chose a tranquil, private beach brimming with lush greenery and post-card worthy views. On this particular beach, you will find windswept, sand-dusted signs that read “no bikes, no fishing, no motorcycles”, creating a sacred space for a day filled with love, community, and one of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Beginning your wedding day with rich, freshly harvested coffee while the sun sweeps over the shoreline is one of life’s greatest treasures. Soon the villas became filled with the sound of excited chatter, rustling makeup brushes and clinking champagne flutes. Joëlle redefined radiance in her bright red gown lavishly decorated in gemstones. She held a lush bouquet of exotic wildflowers that perfectly complimented her bold ensemble, and her bridesmaid looked dazzling alongside her in a silk and lace midnight blue gown. Steffen was beach-chic in his sandstone pants suit, and magic was created when the two lovers united beneath the altar.

Joëlle and Steffen’s enchanted beach aesthetic captured everyone’s attention and truly encapsulated the couple’s artistic flare. The altar was tastefully draped in sheer white linens, with vines twisting outwards from the center. The crystal chandelier floating in the middle was lit with shimmering waves of sunlight, giving renaissance decor an organic, modern twist. From bow-wrapped chairs to giant lanterns filled with palm leaves, every last detail was heartfelt and flawless. We lined the dining tables with wild blooms and green foliage, with rose napkins and cream runners. The center-piece, a glass lantern filled with sea-green moss and fairy-lights, was nothing short of ethereal. The full moon rose over the sea and lit up a night of pure, blissful romance. Cheer to Joëlle and Steffen!