Blue Muse Wedding: Holly and AJ

San Pedro, Belize

If you’re looking for a fun, simple yet elegant wedding to jazz up your afternoon then look no further. The lovely Holly and AJ said there vows on the lush island of San Pedro at the Caribbean Villas Hotel, a private oceanside resort nestled between palm leaves and wildflowers blooming in every direction. Caribbean Villas gives you a perfect opportunity for mixing up your wedding with riveting activities such as diving, snorkeling, manatee watching, and cave tubing. Could the weekend get any more memorable than that?! Grab your favourite beach attire and set sail for a tropical wedding fiesta.

Both Holly and AJ’s exuberant attire blended seamlessly with the sugar-white beaches and oceanic blues surrounding. Holly looked gorgeous in a classy lace dress with floral trimmings tracing the neckline. Her mom rocked a vibrant blue off-the-shoulder dress as she helped Holly with the finishing touches, teary-eyed and full of joy. AJ spent the morning bonding with his best friends as he put on a fitted light grey tux with a tropical printed tie and red rose over the chest. Our creative team always ensures that every last detail is taken care of to make the bride and groom’s wedding vision come to life. The altar consisted of a wooden frame with striking greenery sweeping over the corners, giving room for the great barrier reef and sparkling ocean blues to steal the show. The aisle was peppered with soft rose petals, while custom white lanterns lined the sides. As the guitar played its melody into the breezy sun-lit sky, Holly and AJ said their I do’s. 

We love small wedding moments of playfulness and spontaneity, and the combination of the crowd, venue, and newlyweds gave us all of that and more. From James Bond photo opts to hilarious speeches, we were all kept on our (sandy) toes. As the day gave way for the evening, Holly and AJ kissed in front of a colour-shifting background, giving romantic a whole now meaning. All of the evenings festivities were adorned with quirky love notes, silky cakes, rose petal vases, and tropical flowers blooming from the centre of each table. From one champagne toast to the next, the wedding party spent the rest of the night dining on fresh ocean cuisine, wading in the warm ocean water, and jamming out to live music beneath a chandelier of stars. We couldn’t have asked for a more magical day, cheers to the glowing newlyweds and their happily ever after!