Ian and Hope: Island Glam Wedding

Sandbar, Sand Pedro, Belize

What is the perfect venue for an adventurous couple who want a romantic and unique elopement? The sandbar, of course!

The beautiful day started when the fabulous photographer, Jose Luis, showed up with his wife Pearla. They immediately began shooting images of the couple, the vows, the rings, and the bouquet. With the sun shining in the background, the couple signed their marriage paperwork on the veranda of their beachfront bunglo, and headed out to the boat dock.

They took a small scenic tour of the island, and then boarded their private boat to the sandbar. Image a private piece of sand, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. This was the spot for their vows, surrounded by only a few feet of sand and the beautiful blue water.

A final toast of champagne and some spectacular sunset photos made for a perfect end to their special day.