Jungle Romance: Matthew and Christine

Cahal Pech

We just love a November wedding, because in Belize, it’s hot all year round. The heat was almost tangible as Matthew and Christine celebrated their love in the wild jungles of San Ignacio, amidst an enchanting grove of Mayan Temples. This particular wedding was a perfect blend of playfulness and grace, equipped with inside jokes and breathtaking decor. From the distinguished venues to the natural elements surrounding, Matthew and Christine tied the knot in a mid-winters dream.

The entire day truly embodied the beauty of love and community, and the morning was no exception. Christine and the girls fluttered around the mahogany bedroom in gorgeous floral silk robes, making sure everything was perfect, down to the last braided detail. Matthew and his entourage were looking sharp in royal blue tuxedos, accented with a white rose and a maple-brown cigar in the front pocket. What better way to spend the morning than drinking ice-cold belikin beer with your best friends on a balcony overlooking the rainforest, just moments before seeing your beautiful bride? Christine had us all lovestruck when she stepped out in her backless lace dress with a sheer bottom that flared out in a heavenly spiral, floating across the marble floors. Her bouquet, designed by a local florist, was an all-green colour palette of rainforests plants and a few white roses blossoming in the centre. Christine’s bridesmaids wore scarlet dresses, creating a stunning colour contrast. The combination of rich jungle tones and Christine’s pearl-white dress redefined elegance.

The ceremony was held on the Mayan temple stairs, a backdrop brimming with raw and ancient beauty. Friends and family circled around the temple and witnessed tears of joy that can only come from exchanging vows with the love of your life. The shimmering sunlight beamed through the trees and swept over the newlyweds, as the soft sound of guitar strings gave a unique twist on wedding bells. The ceremony ended with a dreamlike photoshoot in the temple maze, beneath towering archways and extraordinary carvings. It was an unforgettable afternoon.

The reception was something you would experience only in a jungle fairytale. The indoor/outdoor dining area was lit with a butterscotch yellow, as candles dangled from the ceiling with leafy vines weaving in and out of them. Christine and Matthew sat in chairs labeled “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” at a table adorned with gold and crimson red plates, a palm-leaf runner, and soft lanterns, bringing the jungle-chic aesthetic to another level. The newlyweds dedicated a table to memories, both past and present, with a deceiving yet tasty spaghetti & meatballs cake, as well as an earthy green and black cake with cherry-red blooms twisting around the sides. Guests chose their beverages from funky personalised cocktails, as Christine served up margarita de tamarino, and Matthew served up whiskey and coconut water. Everyone hit the dance floor later beneath an outdoor palapa, lit with fairy bulbs, purple lights and customised sunglasses. Just as the day couldn’t get anymore romantic, Christine and Matthew ended the night with marshmallow roasting over a bonfire beneath the moon and the stars. It was a perfect day of love.