Katharine and Charlie

Naia, Placencia

Katherine and Charlie wanted an elegant, romantic ceremony by the sea. As a bride, Katherine was a classic beauty with a warm, easy laugh. This couple had an amazing attention to the details of their ceremony, but they were also willing to take risks with unique decor and a super personable, family-oriented wedding. We got the sense their elegant dream ceremony followed by lively reception would be right at home at one of our absolute favorite venues in the world: Naia!

Naia Resort and Spa in Placencia, balances beach luxury with warm, impeccable service. That’s why they were named one of “52 Places to Go in 2017” by the New York Times. In short, from their pretty logo to their Pinterest-worthy beach cottages to the presentation of their fresh, award-winning food, Naia is just on point.

You’ll notice something about Belize weddings: The soft pink lighting captured in so many of our galleries, which fades to turquoise after the ceremony and then deep blue as everyone starts dining and dancing. We are frankly obsessed with the lighting our venues in Belize provide for couples, and Katherine and Charlie are no exception!

The bride chose a white lace dress with gorgeous rosy undertones which were perfect in the soft pink light during the ceremony. The bridesmaids dresses against the bride’s dress featured a lovely color palette for a Belize wedding. Our team accented the color scheme by adding pops of that same pink palette to the floral arrangements and hair adornments.

We loved that this couple was willing to go for some fun, unique design flourishes, like the mirror welcome sign. Overall, we created a ceremony that reflected the couple’s desire for understated beach elegance in a stunning setting. When the families started arriving, we knew it would be a special night balanced between a romantic ceremony and a reception full of easy-going family fun.