Seaside Garden of Romance – Michele and Brett

If you’re dreaming of an enchanted island wedding with whimsical florals, elegant details, and high-fashion wear, then this is the one for you. From lush green backdrops to honeydew fairy lights, every last detail was in perfect harmony with this dreamy couple and their unique vision. Of course, this past year has made it almost impossible to turn any dream into a reality. However, after several attempts to throw the wedding ceremony of a lifetime, we were finally able to make it happen. 

The sweet Caribbean air drifting over the ocean became even sweeter as friends and family came together to celebrate Michele and Brett. The soft marigold sunrise set a magical tone for the rest of the day, as the sun warmed the air with a soft shimmer. Michele and her entourage of gorgeous gals began the day with fresh bubbly, silk robes and cozy chit-chat. The striking bride had us all stunned when she stepped out in a laced shoulderless dress and pearl earrings. Brett was simply glowing in his stormy grey tux, tussled hair, and tropical bloom placed over his chest. Together, they shined. 

From Persian rugs to earth-tone color palettes, every last detail is sure to take your breath away. Whimsical vines flowed onto the sand and climbed up the chairs while tropical flowers blossomed in the sunlight. After a truly heartwarming and teary exchange of I do’s, the ceremony evolved into an endless celebration. In the warm tropical evening, everyone gathered for a gourmet feast, champagne and dancing beneath whimsical trees and glowing lanterns. The wooden mahogany tables and chairs were beautifully complimented by burnt orange tablecloths, vanilla candles, and local banana-leaf garlands streaming through the center. We cannot deny that the tasteful decor paired with a gorgeous crowd transformed the entire day into a fairytale. Congratulations to the beautiful newlyweds!