Emily and Spence: Unique Sandhill Ceremony

Sandhill Village, Belize

Just like every couple, every wedding is unique! When Emily first contacted us and wanted a wedding in the small village of Sandhill, we were a little surprised as it is not a typical wedding destination. After hearing about her unique love story, we knew it was the perfect venue for the couple.

Emily had traveled to Belize for a mission trip and while on the trip she had a realization that Spence was her perfect match. They decided to travel back to Belize together and tie-the-knot in the place that had so much meaning to the bride. The venue was a small mission church located about 20 minutes from Belize City. It was simple but unique, and certainly very special. We were so happy to transform the open room into a perfect wedding space for the couple. An outdoor screened area provided the perfect spot for a lunch reception. With purples and blues as the accent colors, this village oasis was transformed into Emily and Spence’s perfect wedding venue.