Ethereal Seaside Elopement: Sabina and Ravi

From vibrant florals set against sunlit waters to unbranched evergreens and rich henna embroideries, this gorgeous elopement flawlessly merges raw island beauty with profound cultural traditions. Sabina and Ravi chose to tie the knot in the warm tropics while incorporating elements of their Indian culture. Mendhi, otherwise known as henna, is a dye that carries deep symbolic meaning of good health and prosperity. Sabina’s arms and feet were adorned with striking patterns that blended seamlessly with her diamond ring and boho-chic wedding gown. The combination of delicate white blooms, an airy white dress and the sugary sand surrounding gave space for the intricate artwork to breathe across her skin. Ravi complimented her beautifully in his breezy white blouse and sandstone coloured shorts. On the day of the wedding, the whimsical duo first met in the soft early light and drifted over to the seashore.

Sabina and Ravi envisioned a simple, ethereal altar that showcased the natural beauty of the Caribbean seaside, with its layered blue colour palettes and warm brown sands. The triangular altar accented with a bouquet of white roses carved its shape into the rolling sea as the whimsical duo said I do. Sabina and Ravi were beaming like the natural light surrounding, reminding us that love is as simple and organic as the tides moving in and out of the coastline. Every last detail was crafted to perfection, including the beach inspired cake with sand grain textures and elegant florals, and a gourmet fruit and cheese platter. From seaside handholds to oceanic wandering, the talented Monica Gallardo captured every moment beautifully. The champagne flowed throughout the afternoon, as Sabina and Ravi celebrated the start of their lifelong journey together.