Cristy and Kevin: Unconventional Maya Ruin Wedding

Altun Ha, Belize

When looking back at this Maya Ruin wedding, we can see why Christy and Kevin opted for something different! The stunning background provided by the ancient temples, is not only unique…but magical. With wedding colors of teal and yellow, the ceremony popped with the temples in the backdrop.

The group arrived to Belize City on a cruise ship, which means they had a limited amount of time in country. Immediately upon arrival, we whisked them off to the temples. The couple chose to have a traditional ceremony, followed by a Creole cake pull to incorporate Kevin’s culture. After lots of heartfelt words, and incredible photo ops, the group head back to Belize City for a traditional Belizean rice and beans, followed by a donut cake from our favorite baker! What more can you ask for after having such a fulfilled day in Belize?