Beach Wedding and All Night Dance Party

Chabil Mar, Placencia

James and Jennifer chose to tie the knot in Placencia, Belize at the enchanting and always beautiful Chabil Mar Villas. This beach wedding venue in Southern Belize provides the ultimate setting for a truly special family and friends affair. The luxurious Villas, stunning 360° views and private beaches make this property perfect for your dream wedding.

When Jennifer began to walk down the isle her eyes met James’ eyes. She smiled. He cried. It was truly a beautiful moment shared with everyone attending, even our seasoned team got a little teary. You could feel the love between Jennifer and Jason! And that is our favorite part of wedding planning; watching true love begin its forever. Joining two families. This group was full of energy, happy and clearly excited to see Jennifer and James get hitched in Belize.

Tropical flowers in bright hues of reds and pinks decorated the outdoor venue. A perfect compliment for this beach wedding. One question we get asked often is “What kind of shoes should I wear for a beach wedding?”. The best answer; none. Barefoot beach weddings are truly the best way to go. Jason and Jennifer took our advice and even went a step further and invited their guests to take their shoes off as well. Heels can cause problems in the uneven sand and gets between your feet and the shoes, often causing discomfort while standing up to say your vows. For the guys, bare feet help keep their bodies cool in the humid Caribbean air.

Once vows and pictures were complete this crowd was ready to party! Everyone danced (barefoot of course!) under the stars for hours. It was truly a magical night. We are honored to have been asked to be part of Jennifer and James’ special day. Congratulations!