Ryan and Narisa: Cultural Wedding Beach Party

Hopkins, Belize

Hopkins is a beautiful sleepy fishing village located in the Southern part of Belize. Its distinct culture and remote beaches gives it a very unique feeling, unlike most other beach venues. This special location was the perfect place for Ryan and Narisa’s seaside nuptials. From the beginning, the couple stressed the need for a good party, and boy…did we deliver! The coupled opted for a mix of Western and Thai wedding traditions on the private beach. Whites and pops of turquoise adorned their space, with plenty of beautiful flowers and foliage. After their vows were sealed with a kiss, the party really started!

Local Belizean food was served, and lots of local drinks poured! The couple enjoyed sounds by DJ DZL, and the Signature staff kept everyone’s drink full. The wedding party finished off with a dramatic ‘trash the dress’ with all their wedding guests in the hotel pool. Needless to say, they succeed in their goal to have a great Belizean party, and we were happy to be a part of their fun!