Elegant elopement between Mayan temples: Mary and Tim

Mary and Tim promised forever to each other in the presence of ancient temples and wild jungle flora flourishing all around them. This earthy elopement celebrates the raw and intimate aspect of being in love, a sacred bond between two people. The enchanting ancient ruins of Belize offer an ideal location for a wedding fused with rich history and an abundance of lush foliage. Mary chose a striking bateau gown with a pearl neckline and sheer veil, accented with bright red lips and diamond earrings. Tim wore a light grey tailored suit with a striped tie and miniature array of flowers over the chest. Mary and Tim were as radiant as the crisp, golden afternoon as they sauntered across the forest floor and stood in front of the towering temples. They exchanged vows with teary eyes, huge smiles, and a bouquet of plush roses. It was a moment that will certainly last a lifetime.

The beaming newlyweds spent the afternoon exploring the wonders of the ancient ruins, and of course, snapping a few ethereal shots captured wonderfully by Monica Gallardo. After waltzing up and down the temple stairs, zig zagging along the labyrinth walls, and kissing beneath the drifting clouds, Mary and Tim paused to enjoy a slice of sweet honey cake. Just as things couldn’t get anymore romantic, they opened a bottle of ice cold mionetto and slow-danced beneath an ancestral tree. The simple things in life are often the most beautiful, like sunlight, closed-eyes, dancing, while holding hands with the one you love. We set up our signature wooden structure with Mr and Mrs. written in golden cursive for book signing, cake cutting and champagne popping, and let nature work its decorative magic. The entire day was simple, delicate, and heartwarming, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for Mary and Tim’s ever after.