Intimate Waterfall Wedding: Emma and Lee

Butterfly Falls

It only takes two to say “I do”. Emma and Lee’s wedding day was particularly unique, and we were all for it! This radiant couple said their vows beneath a gorgeous private waterfall spilling down the cliffs of the rainforest, giving the idea of elopement a whole new sense of intimacy and beauty. The combination of nature’s dramatic backdrops and personalised decor provided Emma and Lee with a wedding day of a lifetime.

After a tranquil morning of flawless makeup and hair styling, Emma was ready to hit the jungle trails. Her strapless white dress, diamond necklace and rose blooms had us speechless, not to mention her starry-eyed husband-to-be. The combination of Emma’s cascading floor-length wedding gown and the flourishing jungle tones surrounding was was giving us flawless goddess vibes. She gracefully climbed over the rainforest floor, with a few photoshoot moments captured by the talented Monica Gallardo. The thick fog rolling through the glowing ferns created an enchanting backdrop for the ethereal bride. Lee was looking absolutely dapper in his grey suit, mahogany-brown shoes and white bloom fixed over his chest. The roaring waterfall behind them mirrored Emma’s wispy veil, an instant sealed with an infinite kiss.

Popping bubbly at a luxurious jungle resort after an afternoon spent at a waterfall for two was surely the icing on the cake. Emma and Lee spent the rest of their day celebrating each other in their gorgeous suite at the Hidden Valley Inn. Our signature floral decor, including bouquets of tropical blooms and elegant white linens, accented with vintage-style furnishing, created a bright and lavish atmosphere. Being surrounded by lush flora and timeless water formations perfectly reflects the beginning of a lifelong journey with your soulmate.