Belize Wedding Advice: Should You Ask A Friend To Photograph Your Wedding?

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Choosing a photographer for your wedding can often feel like one of the least important decisions in the planning process, however it’s probably one of the most important. 

The photos that are taken at your wedding will be the catalyst for remembering the biggest day of your life. You and your friends and family will probably be going back and looking at the photos for years and years to come. A good wedding photographer will not only capture the beauty of your ceremony, but will capture the event. Most importantly, professionals photograph the essence of the event; what it FELT like to be there.

Here are some reasons to choose a professional photographer, rather than asking a friend:

It’s unfair to ask a friend.

Photographing a wedding can be a tough job. Often, when couples ask a friend to snap photos of their wedding, they spend most of their time behind the camera rather than fully enjoying themselves. Not to say that wedding photography isn’t a blast (because it is), but we feel most of the time your friends would rather be relaxing and celebrating right there with you.

In addition, it can be a pain to lug pounds of equipment when traveling to Belize.

Local Photographers know how to work with the light.

Being quite close to the equator, the natural light in Belize is very different from that of more northern regions. The light also has the tendency to change very quickly. Local photographers are very experienced in shooting in the Belizean light and know the best windows of time to shoot.

Local Photographers are prepared for the weather.

Being in the tropics, Belizean weather can quite often flip on its head in what sometimes seems like an instant. It can go from being a bright and sunny day to pouring buckets of rain….then back to sunshine again in a matter of minutes. We’ve seen it pour with rain with the sun still shining! Local photographers understand our temperamental weather, and know how to work around it.

There is a fantastic blog post about the beauty of rainy day wedding photography. You can read it here.

If you’re not convinced yet, please have a look at some of the fantastic work our local photographers have done previously: Here